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Jordi Quintana

General profile
Hi people. Greetings from Barcelona city and Catalonia Country, one of the most ancient democracies and parlament in the world but where is not possible to vote for his future.

I'm not 50 years old yet, but soon. Where ever I go I'm the youngest philatelist, and probably in the BSC too. I have a kind family with 3 boys from 7-17 years old. So, these last years all my indoor and outdoor activities were reduced to a minimum.

I'm a chemist. I did the Ph.D. twenty years ago in the field of Organic Chemistry synthesis, but from 2000 I'm working in the lab of water company which supplies water to the Barcelona city metropolitan area doing research and analysis of organic pollutants in water, mainly pesticides. I use the same technology than anti-doping laboratories, and the sensibility is too low than I can understand how nowadays some sportsmen and women are so stupid to use doping.

Hobbies / interests / activities
Philately is the last hobby to come with me. I like 70's and blues music and I played in a band for over 15 years at semi-professional level. I like also mountaineering and alpinism. I was born in BCN city, but my parents are from the Pyrenees, so the mountain is a part of my life and DNA. But my favourite hobbies are the bicycle and cyclophilately ;-)

Cycling / Cyclotourism
The travels to the University with the Barcelona's (pre-Olympic) metropolitan subway were so uncomfortable than I decided to go by bike. In these years BCN city was not ready for bicycles and it's not a flat city. Any Cyclepath, any respect to cyclists. So, I started a bicycle activism, joining several organizations, demonstrations... And in this context, we discovered the pleasure to travel by bike around.

My greatest travel was 20 years ago with my brother. It is an impossible journey at this moment. The Karakoram Highway, 1,500 Km from Pakistan to China, crossing the Karakoram range by the Kunjerab Pass (4.700 m) and passing by the Base Camp of the Nanga Parbat peak (>8.000 m) and another 7.000 m peaks. At this moment that area of Pakistan is highly influenced by the Talibans and the China area also by Islamic terrorism. In that part of China were some big terrorism attacks few days before to the inauguration of Pekin Olympic Games.

I travelled a lot by Europe joining cycling myths. I did the Pyrenees from sea to sea, The most Alps, The Dolomites, always reaching the most mountain ports (always I travel with saddlbags) . Recently I did the Paris-Roubaix and the Classic races in Belgium. And I have plans for the future .... The Peace Race and the USA from coast to coast following the Bike Centenial path.

I decided to collect only bicycle stamps. I have some collectibles of La Volta a Catalunya (Tour of Catalonia)(pins, programs, posters...) but it's only to enjoy.

I started to collect bicycle stamps 15 years ago when I was looking how to collect of bicycle memorabilia. I started to collect anagrams and stocks of social bicycle organizations... but one day I opened the stamp albums of my mother and I found the Spanish items. I went to a philatelic shop and they were inexpensive... so I started.

When I discovered the former BSC website and I could contact with Norman Batho I was very happy. I joined the Club and I received all past magazines and my happiness was immense. I started to be in contact with other BSC members and my happiness was absolute. Always they were/are ready to help, to comment, to teach. Thank you.

I only collect cyclophilately I don't know why. I love philately, but only from a bicycle point of view. I'm not interested in classic stamps, I'm not an expertise in Spanish philately and only topical exhibits make me smile. When I joined my company there was a philatelic group. I joined it and I started to exhibit there. Now I'm the editor of his magazine and the webmaster. Also, I'm a member of the Catalan Philatelic Federation and the most ancient club of Barcelona, where I found friends who help me to improve my collect.

My favourite items are La Volta items (Tour of Catalonia) and recently I get the most relevant items on the Barcelona Postal Express. My first interest was also the Peace Race, the safety road items as well as some spectacular designs of some stamps, especially from the eastern European area. I started to exhibit 15 years ago with local and minor stamp shows. 10 years ago I prepared my first exhibit, but immediately I was unsatisfied and the score was not good. During last 5 years I'm preparing a couple of new exhibits, one focused on sport for sport stamp shows.